Eid el Fitr 1435: Appeal to the Ummah

Posted in OneUmmah Blog on 11 October 2014.
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We pray to Allah (SWT) to accept our Ramadhan and to bring peace to the Ummah as a whole.
After the redefinition of KMC committees to departments and the first major revision of the KMC Strategic Development Plan in 2012, the organization was restructured having 2 new sectors bringing the total departments to 8:
• Ulama • Finance & Admin
• Projects • Business - New
• Education • OneUmmah - New
• Information • Welfare

We have already started seeing appreciable results from the 2 new departments – Business and OneUmmah spun away from Finance and Information departments respectively. We pray to Allah (SWT) to assist all the departments to perform better for the benefit of the Ummah.
One of the biggest challenges for any organization is funding. In the last 4 years (2009 – 2013) the KMC has spent a total of N16 million on its obligations. Examples include: welfare to widows and orphans, the KMC Hospital (KMCH) Project and in rescuing our fellow brothers, wrongly accused on this misguided “war on terror”, through providing legal assistance and many other undertakings too numerous to mention here.
Eid Ground: The KMC is also exerting a lot of effort and resources towards acquiring a larger Eid ground for the Ummah, as the population of Kubwa has grown even beyond the estimates and design of the government.
Appeal: The KMC’s responsibilities are expanding. As you will notice with the financial report summary, we hope the Ummah will continue to contribute immensely to enable the KMC to carry out its obligations. The new Department of Business is in its infancy; so we appeal to all to contribute to help it achieve the wonderful aims it has set forth (please see below).
“…And whoever fears Allah, for him Allah brings forth a way out, and gives him provision (rizq) from where he does not even imagine…” Surah At-Talaq: 2-3)
Website: Alhamdulillah, the KMC official website is being redesigned to provide more information and also started Q & A forums, so the Ummah can post its queries inshaAllah.
KMC Hospital Ltd. We are happy to announce the commencement of operations by the Theatre Unit!
Director: Alhaji Muritala I. Agboola
The Business Department’s main purpose is to provide an income stream to KMC programmes by investing and setting up viable businesses while assisting the Ummah with jobs and training in such ventures.
Fish Farm: Towards this, the department has started work on setting up a complete fish farm and has also concluded a feasibility study on a pure water facility.
OneUmmah Enterprises Ltd: The Department also successfully registered a company, OneUmmah Enterprises Ltd – one of its key mandates – in order to support its projects and allow them to prosper without hindrance.
The KMC Internship Scheme aims to form an alliance with Muslim entrepreneurs to assist them take in young people to train in selected professions. Some of these include: tailoring, welding, plumbing, shoe making/repair, mobile phone, electronics repair and aluminium doors & windows production and the production of household detergents and cosmetics.
Director: Mohammed Mahmud
The OneUmmah & Waqaf Project was initiated by the KMC in 2009 to help further unify the Ummah in Kubwa. The KMC was able to begin a database of the Ummah, which enabled it to send information quickly and efficiently through SMS on important issues periodically. It also galvanized the Ummah to contribute over N1 million in the first year, to the Waqaf component with less than one thousand people on the database at the time.
• OneUmmah Database: Presently, the department has redesigned the project and is now registering people on the database through an SMS system. This has greatly simplified and enhanced the uptake of the registration process.
• Waqaf Component: Previously the Waqaf Component was generating N100,000 monthly for the KMC. Unfortunately, due factors like expansion of the programme and lack of attendance to meetings of OneUmmah Representatives of masaajid among other challenges has brought this figure to N10,000. Management is working to address these shortcomings inshaAllah.

• How to register: Send an SMS to 08036099125 with ONLY your FULL NAME and SEX: e.g: Ahmed Lukman M
• Please note: if you have already sent such an SMS to the number above, do not resend your details.
• The role you can play: If you are registered for Waqaf contributions please continue, if you haven’t, please do by contacting the Coordinator (Waqaf): Alh. Garba Baba – 08033148525. Also for more information go to our website: www.ummatunwahida.com
Director: AbdurRaheem Y. Muhammad (Chief Imam, Kubwa)
The Ulama Department is one of the most important elements of the Kubwa Muslim Community, comprising all Imams of over 70 masaajid and prominent Ulama in Kubwa and its environs.
There is improvement on unity of the Ulama through the weekly meetings, where they meet and discuss issues common to entire Ummah.
Lectures: A lot of awareness has been created on several contemporary issues through lectures in masaajid which are conducted daily by the respective Imams and monthly during visits to designated Masajid by the leadership of the Department,
Qibla Verification: With the assistance from the Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs department for Moonsighting & Qibla, corrections have been made to the Eid Ground and various other masaajid.
Hamd Masjid: Alhamdulillah, a new masjid – the Hamd Masjid located in Ma’ana Estate neighbouring the Army Resettlement Scheme, has been commissioned during this Ramadhan. Mal. Attahiru Ahmad a veteran Imam of 13 years at the Abu Hurairah Masjid in FHA, has been selected as the Imam. A committee chaired by Aliyu Musa has also been ratified by the KMC President to run the affairs of the Masjid.
Funding: Coordinating of funding appeals by other departments was sourced to support key projects of the KMC, like the donations sought for the construction of Eid Ground perimeter wall, securing of the new cemetery at Gbazango, etc.
Director: Engr. Abdullah Sulaiman Liman
This year, the Projects Department was busy with the following:
KMCH Theatre: Projects Department was responsible for the KMCH renovation of premise and assisted with the installation of theatre equipment. Both KMC and KMC Hospital management are also gearing up for necessary renovation project of the Hospital.
The KMC Orphanage design is at an advanced stage, carried out in conjunction with the Orphanage Committee under the Welfare Department. The site allocated by KMC is located in phase 2 site 1, two streets after the KMC Cemetery.
Chikakore & Gbazango Cemetery (Ext. II) off Arab road. Excavation works has commenced, with an estimated Area of about 3.34ha. Burial has commenced without proper administration. The need to complete fencing works through active contribution and adequate enlightenment to the immediate community is required. Efforts are underway to repair the fencing of the Chikakore Muslim Cemetery.
Director: Muhammad B. Iyawa
The welfare department has intervened on several cases besides the highlighted below. It has also participated in hospital visits in conjunction with the Ulama Department.
Emergency Ward, General Hospital : 2 children abandoned by their father
Widows & Orphans Ramadhan: 8 families - total 40 people Distributed: Foodstuff & money worth 70,000
Iftar: UAE & Red Crescent in selected masaajid. Funding was facilitated through the KMC.
Convert: A young lady that converted to Islam was accommodated for over a month, the KMC assisted with N60,000 for her accommodation which was arranged by Women in Daawah (WID). Our gratitude to them for all the assistance they render the KMC in such matters.
KMC Orphanage Project: Registration is in progress with the CAC.
All in all the Welfare Department has generated and spent N500,000 on various welfare issues from Sept 2013 – July 2014.
Director: Alhassan A. Suleiman
The Ummah need your assistance to continue all of the jobs outlined above.
Jaiz Bank: While Finance & Admin Department has been authorized to open an account with Jaiz Bank, the KMC is also working to convince the Bank to speed up its plan to open a Branch in Kubwa.
As mentioned above by the KMC President, the Organization’s expenditure due to expanding activity has gone up. The balance of accounts for Jan – June 2014:
Month Income Expenditure Balance
B/f 1,079,416.06 - 1,079,416.06
Oct-13 54,300.00 793,993.23 (739,693.23)
Nov-13 120,500.00 63,582.45 56,917.55
Dec-13 72,500.00 212.00 72,288.00
Jan-14 60,455.00 148,962.20 (88,507.20)
Feb-14 34,248.00 81,471.15 (47,223.15)
Mar-14 - 73,457.95 (73,457.95)
Apr-14 19,300.00 180.00 19,120.00
May-14 - 53,330.95 (53,330.95)
1,495,219.06 1,438,622.43 56,596.63

KMC Newsletter Editorial Team:
M. Alfazazi, Engr. A. S. Liman, M. Mahmud

Mohammed Mahmud

Author: Mohammed Mahmud

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Mohammed Mahmud is the President of the Kubwa Muslim Community. He is an IT consultant.
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