KMC Hospital Launch: KMC Chairman's Speech

Posted in KMC Hospital on 22 October 2014.
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Indeed, all praise is due to Allah. We praise Him and seek His Help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from our souls' evils and our wrongdoings. He whom Allah guides, no one can misguide; and he whom He does not guide, no one can guide."
I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, alone without partner and that Muhammad (S) is his slave and Messenger.

Our father, his royal highness Dr Musa Ijakoro, the chief launcher, Alh. Muhammad L. Buba, my teachers, the Ulama, our honourable guests, fellow members of the Muslim Ummah. I welcome you to this occasion that is a milestone for the KMC. Allow me to present a short overview about the KMC.
1. KMC Overview
In 2008 the KMC Executive formulated and ratified the KMC Strategic Development Plan which detailed the requirements of the Ummah in Kubwa and provided a plan of implementation to achieve set targets of the organization. Following the plan, the Kubwa Muslim Community was reorganized in 2008 from a 3-committee organization to one covering 6 areas:
i. Ulama/Shura Committee
ii. Finance & Admin Committee
iii. Projects & Maintenance Committee
iv. Education Committee
v. Information Committee
vi. Hospital & Welfare Committee

We also have the Muslim Elders General Assembly (MEGA) composed of community leaders in differing useful capacities. The Muslim Elders also represent the Ummah in the Kubwa Inter-Religious Forum.

Each committee is assigned a set of terms of reference (TOR) to help it achieve its defined goals. All said, the KMC has over 120 members in different committees. The KMC was essentially re-focussed to promote the Quranic injunction of ummatunwahida and provide a platform for all Muslims that profess and witness that La ilaha ilAllah Muhammadur rasulullah.

2. Projects: Last 2 years
a. KMC Secretariat
b. Setup our official website:
c. Designed a magazine – which we have delayed the publication of in order to launch the Hospital and OneUmmah Projects.
d. Preparing grounds for a formidable investment drive. The Ummah must move away from begging.
e. Mosques & Schools Census
i. Number of Masaajid: there are 70 in total of which 11 are Jummaah Mosques.
ii. Total size of congregation
iii. Number of Islamic institutions: there forty islamiyyas & primary schools.
iv. Total student population
v. Contact information
We will be calling a stakeholders’ conference on the problems of our institutions hopefully before the year runs out.

3. OneUmmah Database & Waqaf
The OneUmmah Database & Waqaf Project was conceived to use technology to help unite the Ummah by collecting basic human resource data. It took us a year to design and launch the project. We observed that with organization the Ummah can generate a substantial amount of its requirements with a little determination, for instance we always site this example:

If 10,000 Muslims contribute 500 monthly it will equal: N5,000,000.

Now, the Waqaf part is generating funds for crucial work of the KMC, like the Hospital Project.

4. Hospital
The Islamic Hospital Project is a major component of the KMC Strategic Plan. The project is broken into 2 phases; short and long term. This is detailed in the KMC Strategic Development Plan RFC 1.

The Islamic Hospital was conceived for the following main objectives:
1. Provide the Ummah with a befitting health facility to cater to the medical requirements of the general populace, with emphasis on our womenfolk, in an Islamic environment.
2. Present the KMC with a gateway for further Daawah.
3. Implement policies that promote study and enrolment into the medical professional fields by young Muslims. Promote seminars and training programmes.
4. Create a model for other Islamic organizations to emulate.
Terms of Reference of the Hospital & Welfare Committee
i. Outline modalities for setting up a Muslim Clinic.
ii. Provide a sustainable financial plan for the Clinic.
iii. Ensure a clear strategic path to upgrade the clinic to a fully functional Islamic Hospital.
iv. Co-opt any relevant Muslim to facilitate the above through research, experience and communication.
v. Advise the KMC with regards to government and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) medical programmes.
vi. Advise the KMC Executive with matters relating to humanitarian assistance to individuals and groups.
vii. Coordinate any humanitarian assistance efforts by KMC.
5. The Clinic Project
The following was undertaken to achieve Phase 1 of the project, that is the Clinic:
• Refurbished rented quarters for the clinic
• Equipment purchase: 5 beds, utensils, we also received donation of equipment from a private hospital (may Allah reward the proprietors).
• Registration with CAC as “Kubwa Muslim Community Hospital Ltd”
• Registration with FCTA Health Services; to be completed in the next few days inshaAllah.
• Constitution of a formidable board of directors:
i. Dr. Musa Ijakoro, Emir of Bwari
ii. Prof. Abba Hassan Waziri
iii. Dr. Abba Badamasi
iv. Alh. Hussaini Umar
v. Dr. Mora Ibrahim
vi. Alh. Aminu Yakudima
vii. Dr. Rafee al Ijebuwi – Vice Chairman (Shura Committee), KMC
viii. Muhammad Baba Iyawa – Chairman (Hospital & Welfare Committee), KMC
ix. Mohammed Sani Mahmud – KMC Chairman
In the 2 and a half years of the project, N4 million has been spent on the clinic.

6. KMC Hospital Project
The Hospital is designed to cater for 25 beds and divide the facilities not only in the regular sense of male/female, but our brothers, the architects ensured that they provided for separate consulting rooms and waiting areas.

I have learned from our engineers, the N300,000 we are spending on the design and construction of the model we are unveiling today is less than 1 3rd of the actual cost of the work. May Allah reward our brothers that contributed their knowledge and facilities in achieving this feat.

The total cost of this facility stands at a round figure of N70m. May Allah (SWT) facilitate this project.

Honourable brothers and sisters, this is what the KMC has been up to in the past 2 and a half years.

7. Conclusion
We pray that this is a source of sadaqatul jariya for all that toiled for the past 900 days (approximately) to arrive at this junction. I also implore them to ready themselves for, as far as we are concerned, we have only started annoying ourselves!

In the Holy Quran Allah (SWT) has revealed the formula for success; wal asr….
We all know “Yakamata” but not so much “Mu aikata”. I wish to implore those that have not filled OneUmmah forms to do so, even if they do not contribute to the Waqaf. I implore us to be patient with one another, persevere on the path of Allah (SWT) and be persistent in pursuing the methodology of His final Prophet, Muhammad (SAW). There is only rest when we die as Muslims.

May Allah (SWT) forgive our mistakes, accept our works and make us examples to our children. May Allah protect our oppressed brothers and sisters wherever they maybe. May Allah awaken us in the coming Holy month of Ramadhan & keep us awake after it. May he bless us with the proper understanding of the Deen and what is required of us. Only He can reward all of you for answering this call, so I will beg your indulgence when we call again inshaAllah.

Subhaana rabbika rabbil'izzati 'ammaa yasifoon. Wasalaamul 'alal mursaleen. Walhamdu lillaahi rabbil 'aalameen.

M. S. Mahmud

Mohammed Mahmud

Author: Mohammed Mahmud

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Mohammed Mahmud is the President of the Kubwa Muslim Community. He is an IT consultant.
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