KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

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 8. Welfare Matters

Welfare is an increasing concern and priority of the KMC. Funding for this sector has been difficult (see Finance Department Report) and inadequate. The KMC hopes that we will see more participation on the part of the Ummah in assisting the organization in the following:

i. Widows and Orphans Programme
The KMC is making arrangements to start an Orphanage under the supervision of one of its Masjids, the Abubakar Assidique Masjid in Phase IV. May Allah (SWT) assist this noble undertaking by the committee.

ii. Assistance to new converts
In the period of review KMC has assisted at least 2 families by providing funds and logistics to relocate them due to the trials associated with converting to Islam from other religions. Other forms of assistance too numerous to mention at this point are also rendered to converts.

A project initiated by the Abu Zarr Jummu’ah Masjid (FHA) for a transitional building for converts was also assisted by the KMC. It has since been completed.

iii. Hospital Visits
The Welfare Department has commenced hospital visits starting with the Kubwa General Hospital 2 years ago. They also visited the KMCH last year.

iv. Participation of Women in Daawah (WID)
The KMC wishes to recognize the effort of Women in Daawah in many areas, especially welfare to converts and widows and orphans. They continue to work with KMC in terms of assistance and communicating with women and families in trying conditions. They have also arranged lectures in Kubwa by inviting prominent scholars to give relevant and time nasiha. May Allah (SWT) accept their perseverance.

Ulama Matters
The Ulama Department headed by the Chief Imam has increasing being active since its re-activation in 2009.
i. Weekly Imams Meeting
ii. Arbitration of conflicts within Masjid management committees
iii. Arbitration of conflicts within Masjid and Islamiyya management committtees
iv. Rulings and guidance in sensitive matters concerning the date of Eid and Ramadhan moonsighting
v. Annual Ramadhan Lectures, etc
vi. Participation in fund raising for KMC projects
vii. Participation in the FCT Imams Forum

May Allah (SWT) strengthen the understanding of the Deen by our Imams and help them unite us under the Sunnah of His Prophet (SAW).
10. Education Department
At the beginning of 2010, the Education Department was mandated to carry out a census of mosques and Islamic oriented schools within Kubwa. This it successfully achieved in March of the same year, giving the KMC essential data to assist it in planning for information dissemination, the OneUmmah Programme, the convening meetings with Imams, etc.

Information Department
The Information Department has been at the forefront of the OneUmmah Programme launch in 2009 and is the major supervisor for Eid programme arrangements. In 2009 KMC Management noted the lack of a proper PA system during Eid Prayers and as such created an Ad-Hoc committee that researched and proffered a solution that saw the KMC spending N300,000 on a new PA system.

This newsletter and all previous publications by the KMC are handled by the Information Department.

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