KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

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4. The OneUmmah Programme

The former Coordinator of the OneUmmah & Waqaf Unit, Mal. AbdulMalik Abdullahi had relocated from Kubwa in 2012. This created a vacancy in the OneUmmah Programme and a challenge. I must admit, the programme has been well received by the Ummah and is cited in far flung areas as an example of what can be achieved with a little organization within the Ummah. We have come to realize more effort on our part must be expended on the OneUmmah Programme. Some of the problems encountered:
i. Getting volunteers representatives for the Programme
ii. Disseminating information on the expenditure from the gains of the Waqaf
iii. Maintaining the Ummah’s interest on the Programme

As a whole, the OneUmmah & Waqaf Programme has been a success and of great assistance in the initial stages of the KMC Hospital Project. May Allah (SWT) reward all that participate in this programme.

The KMC Hospital Ltd. (KMCH)
Even though we have covered the KMC Hospital during Eid el Fitr of this year, I will still like to mention that our greatest concern remains the lack of technical personnel. We have a volunteer programme which enables consultants to visit the KMCH to render services to the Ummah. The doctors running this programme include our CMD, Dr. Abba Badamasi, Doctor Alkali Mustapha and Doctor Alkali Umar. May Allah accept their valuable contributions to the Ummah.

Other areas of concern include the recent erection of security gates by the FHA enclosing the entirety of Phase IV, where the KMCH is located, creating serious problems for patients visiting the hospital late at night. We are working with the authority to find a solution providing uninterrupted access to the KMCH soon inshaAllah.

Within the period of review and also the lifetime of the KMCH, the services of the hospital have steadily been expanded.

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