KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

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3. Security Matters

It is undeniable that all over the world, the Ummah is under attack in many forms. It is no exception Nigeria. As always, Muslims should seek solution only from Allah (SWT) both in action and response. The KMC has increasingly found itself bogged down both in financial and time resource, in efforts to intervene in several serious cases of the abuse of power by different security agencies, ranging from the Police Force, Department of State Security (SSS) and the Military! Highlights include:

i. February 2013 – The Imam of Owner Occupier Masjid was arrested along with three other Islamiyya teachers by the SSS at 2am in the night. After a lengthy court battle initiated by the KMC and the Mosque Committee coupled with media coverage, we were able to extricate the four with the assistance of Allah (SWT) after having spent almost 6 months in detention without charge. I wish to commend the efforts of the Owner Occupier Masjid for their patience and persistence in this matter.

ii. July 2011 – 25 young men (aged between 16 – 20) were arrested by approximately 20 heavily armed military men within the vicinity of the KMC Cemetery at 5am. They spent 5 days at Maitama Barracks without charge and poorly fed, before the KMC was able to secure their release. The Ministry of Defence spokesperson then denied the incidence after we publicized the matter in some of the dailies in protest.
Legal effort on the part of KMC to seek redress does not end here, but space will not allow a protracted discussion on the matter.

Kubwa Inter-Religious Forum
The KMC was instrumental in the reformation of the Kubwa Inter-Religious Forum. The Forum is co-chaired by the President KMC and CAN Chairman (Kubwa Branch) with participation by the Kubwa Police Area Command, to try to prevent misunderstanding between the 2 major religious bodies arising from misinformation and after-effects of neighbouring community upheavals. This has been a success so far and we pray Allah (SWT) assist the Ummah in doing dawaah and maintaining peace in the community.

The Business Department
The KMC upgraded the Business Unit of the former F&A Committee to an independent Department to implement the feasibility findings of the former Unit which include setting up:
i. Pure water business
Feasibility report for the establishment of a pure water business has been concluded.
ii. Fishery
iii. Entrepreneurial businesses
A company, OneUmmah Enterprises Ltd. has already been registered with the CAC to implement KMC business strategies. I am happy to note this was part of the KMC Strategic Programme of 2008.
The main focus of the new Business Department is to coordinate these efforts to increase available funds to KMC for its numerous and ever-expanding projects.

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