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KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

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 Projects Department 2010 - 2013 Report

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. The activities of the project committee have been quite challenging these past years. Nevertheless, efforts are being made physically, morally and financially towards overcoming these shortcomings with a view to making it more vibrant, more focused towards meeting up with its set target, and create a general awareness within the Muslim Ummah in Kubwa and environs. In line with this, 3 new members were added to the department to assist with its mandate. The department is charged with the following activities:
i. Oversee the maintenance and protection of the Eid Prayer grounds.
ii. Oversee the renovation/construction works of KMC projects.
iii. Oversee the repairs, upgrading, and security of the Muslim grave yard(s).
iv. Liase with other departments in matters of landed property belonging to the Ummah within Kubwa and environs.

1. Eid-prayer ground
The dilapidated fence of the Eid prayer ground located along the Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki Road, was pulled down and a new fence re-constructed to keep out the incessant menace of trespassers. This was as a result of a call to the Muslim Ummah, who responded positively. May Allah (SWA) reward those that contributed in various ways.
Furthermore, it is eminent that the ground has become small in accommodating the Muslim Ummah during the two annual festive periods. Hence, efforts are being made to secure a larger ground.

2. KMC Clinic/Maternity
Some theatre equipment was recently donated to the KMC. As a result of this, the management has embarked on the renovation of space for the theatre. The work is currently at an advanced stage.

3. Kubwa Cemetery
Maintenance has been regular at the Muslim cemetery located off Lagos Street in Phase-2 Site-1. Meanwhile, excavation work had commenced at the newly acquired Muslim Cemetery at the Kubwa Extension II Re-location site, off Arab Road, with an estimated area of about 3.34ha. Furthermore, efforts are underway to repair the fence wall of the Chikakore Muslim Cemetery, with a view to keeping off intruders and making it more effective.

4. KMC Landed Property
The issue involving any KMC landed property has been an uphill task, nevertheless, efforts are still been made towards regularizing papers for some plots allocate for religious (Muslim) function.
Finally, the Projects Department will Insha’ Allah continue to act and serve the Muslim Ummah through active dialogue with other KMC departments and the general Muslim Ummah. May Allah continue to support and guide us in the course of our individual quest to contribute to the growth of Islam.

Engr. Abdullahi Sulaiman Liman
Director (Projects)

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