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KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

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Posted in Administration on 22 October 2014.
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KMC President’s Report

The present KMC Management took over in September 2007, with the selection of the Chairman who took over from Alh Bala Mohammed who had relocated from Kubwa to his home state. A new structure was ratified through the KMC Strategic Plan of 2008.

This newsletter is designed to present KMC activities from February 2010 - which was the last time we held a comprehensive general presentation to the Ummah - to date, September 2013/Zul Qidah 1434AH. The presentation was made during the launch of OneUmmah & Waqaf Project at P.W. Jummu’ah Masjid.

It is my duty as the Chairman and President of the KMC to account for the actions of the KMC, both administratively and financially. I personally regret not being able to render such report on a more regular basis and pray to Allah (SWT) to forgive our mistakes. This newsletter is designed to redress this and assist the KMC inform the Ummah of what it has been up to, what are its challenges and the solutions it has designed to ameliorate the situation.

2. The New KMC Structure

As announced at Eid el Fitr this year, the new KMC administrative structure in accordance with the 2013 KMC Strategy Review is as follows:

 i. The President and Chairman KMC

ii. The Vice President
iii. The Secretary
iv. Directors of Departments:

    1. Department for Ulama Affairs
    2. Department of Finance & Administration
    3. Projects Department
    4. Information Department
    5. Education Department
    6. Welfare Departm ent
    7. Business Department
    8. OneUmmah Department

Details of the entire 2013 KMC Strategy Review effort by a sub committee of the KMC management headed by Mal. Sani Dawop,a management consultant are contained in their 80-page report. May Allah (SWT) reward them for this excellent work.

3. Security Matters

It is undeniable that all over the world, the Ummah is under attack in many forms. It is no exception Nigeria. As always, Muslims should seek solution only from Allah (SWT) both in action and response. The KMC has increasingly found itself bogged down both in financial and time resource, in efforts to intervene in several serious cases of the abuse of power by different security agencies, ranging from the Police Force, Department of State Security (SSS) and the Military! Highlights include:

i. February 2013 – The Imam of Owner Occupier Masjid was arrested along with three other Islamiyya teachers by the SSS at 2am in the night. After a lengthy court battle initiated by the KMC and the Mosque Committee coupled with media coverage, we were able to extricate the four with the assistance of Allah (SWT) after having spent almost 6 months in detention without charge. I wish to commend the efforts of the Owner Occupier Masjid for their patience and persistence in this matter.

ii. July 2011 – 25 young men (aged between 16 – 20) were arrested by approximately 20 heavily armed military men within the vicinity of the KMC Cemetery at 5am. They spent 5 days at Maitama Barracks without charge and poorly fed, before the KMC was able to secure their release. The Ministry of Defence spokesperson then denied the incidence after we publicized the matter in some of the dailies in protest.
Legal effort on the part of KMC to seek redress does not end here, but space will not allow a protracted discussion on the matter.

Kubwa Inter-Religious Forum
The KMC was instrumental in the reformation of the Kubwa Inter-Religious Forum. The Forum is co-chaired by the President KMC and CAN Chairman (Kubwa Branch) with participation by the Kubwa Police Area Command, to try to prevent misunderstanding between the 2 major religious bodies arising from misinformation and after-effects of neighbouring community upheavals. This has been a success so far and we pray Allah (SWT) assist the Ummah in doing dawaah and maintaining peace in the community.

The Business Department
The KMC upgraded the Business Unit of the former F&A Committee to an independent Department to implement the feasibility findings of the former Unit which include setting up:
i. Pure water business
Feasibility report for the establishment of a pure water business has been concluded.
ii. Fishery
iii. Entrepreneurial businesses
A company, OneUmmah Enterprises Ltd. has already been registered with the CAC to implement KMC business strategies. I am happy to note this was part of the KMC Strategic Programme of 2008.
The main focus of the new Business Department is to coordinate these efforts to increase available funds to KMC for its numerous and ever-expanding projects.

4. The OneUmmah Programme

The former Coordinator of the OneUmmah & Waqaf Unit, Mal. AbdulMalik Abdullahi had relocated from Kubwa in 2012. This created a vacancy in the OneUmmah Programme and a challenge. I must admit, the programme has been well received by the Ummah and is cited in far flung areas as an example of what can be achieved with a little organization within the Ummah. We have come to realize more effort on our part must be expended on the OneUmmah Programme. Some of the problems encountered:
i. Getting volunteers representatives for the Programme
ii. Disseminating information on the expenditure from the gains of the Waqaf
iii. Maintaining the Ummah’s interest on the Programme

As a whole, the OneUmmah & Waqaf Programme has been a success and of great assistance in the initial stages of the KMC Hospital Project. May Allah (SWT) reward all that participate in this programme.

The KMC Hospital Ltd. (KMCH)
Even though we have covered the KMC Hospital during Eid el Fitr of this year, I will still like to mention that our greatest concern remains the lack of technical personnel. We have a volunteer programme which enables consultants to visit the KMCH to render services to the Ummah. The doctors running this programme include our CMD, Dr. Abba Badamasi, Doctor Alkali Mustapha and Doctor Alkali Umar. May Allah accept their valuable contributions to the Ummah.

Other areas of concern include the recent erection of security gates by the FHA enclosing the entirety of Phase IV, where the KMCH is located, creating serious problems for patients visiting the hospital late at night. We are working with the authority to find a solution providing uninterrupted access to the KMCH soon inshaAllah.

Within the period of review and also the lifetime of the KMCH, the services of the hospital have steadily been expanded.

 8. Welfare Matters

Welfare is an increasing concern and priority of the KMC. Funding for this sector has been difficult (see Finance Department Report) and inadequate. The KMC hopes that we will see more participation on the part of the Ummah in assisting the organization in the following:

i. Widows and Orphans Programme
The KMC is making arrangements to start an Orphanage under the supervision of one of its Masjids, the Abubakar Assidique Masjid in Phase IV. May Allah (SWT) assist this noble undertaking by the committee.

ii. Assistance to new converts
In the period of review KMC has assisted at least 2 families by providing funds and logistics to relocate them due to the trials associated with converting to Islam from other religions. Other forms of assistance too numerous to mention at this point are also rendered to converts.

A project initiated by the Abu Zarr Jummu’ah Masjid (FHA) for a transitional building for converts was also assisted by the KMC. It has since been completed.

iii. Hospital Visits
The Welfare Department has commenced hospital visits starting with the Kubwa General Hospital 2 years ago. They also visited the KMCH last year.

iv. Participation of Women in Daawah (WID)
The KMC wishes to recognize the effort of Women in Daawah in many areas, especially welfare to converts and widows and orphans. They continue to work with KMC in terms of assistance and communicating with women and families in trying conditions. They have also arranged lectures in Kubwa by inviting prominent scholars to give relevant and time nasiha. May Allah (SWT) accept their perseverance.

Ulama Matters
The Ulama Department headed by the Chief Imam has increasing being active since its re-activation in 2009.
i. Weekly Imams Meeting
ii. Arbitration of conflicts within Masjid management committees
iii. Arbitration of conflicts within Masjid and Islamiyya management committtees
iv. Rulings and guidance in sensitive matters concerning the date of Eid and Ramadhan moonsighting
v. Annual Ramadhan Lectures, etc
vi. Participation in fund raising for KMC projects
vii. Participation in the FCT Imams Forum

May Allah (SWT) strengthen the understanding of the Deen by our Imams and help them unite us under the Sunnah of His Prophet (SAW).
10. Education Department
At the beginning of 2010, the Education Department was mandated to carry out a census of mosques and Islamic oriented schools within Kubwa. This it successfully achieved in March of the same year, giving the KMC essential data to assist it in planning for information dissemination, the OneUmmah Programme, the convening meetings with Imams, etc.

Information Department
The Information Department has been at the forefront of the OneUmmah Programme launch in 2009 and is the major supervisor for Eid programme arrangements. In 2009 KMC Management noted the lack of a proper PA system during Eid Prayers and as such created an Ad-Hoc committee that researched and proffered a solution that saw the KMC spending N300,000 on a new PA system.

This newsletter and all previous publications by the KMC are handled by the Information Department.

 Department of Finance & Admin:

Financial Report: 2010 - 2013
The F&A Department painstakingly combed through the KMC financial activities from the end of the month of February 2010 to end of September 2013 and presents below a summary of income and expenditure covering the period in question which is equivalent to 44 months.
Miscellaneous transactions are recorded under Administrative Expenses.




Brought Forward



Eid Collections - 6 Eids



Donation in Trust






Hospital Project & other donations less charges



Land Lease







Accounts: Income



Gtbank Main Account




Gtbank Waqaf Account














Admin Expenses








Investment in KMCH




One Ummah
















Bank Charges









Summary of Balance



Gtbank Main Account



Gtbank Waqaf Account





The previous financial summary which was presented to the Ummah in February 2010 covered the period from 2008.

Finance department notes that most of the donations in Hospital Project and other donations, and some in Waqaf are from the reach out efforts of KMC Executive Members. As such, I pray that Allah accept it from each of them and the entire Ummah for its effort.

Suleiman Alhassan
Director (Finance & Admin)

 Projects Department 2010 - 2013 Report

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. The activities of the project committee have been quite challenging these past years. Nevertheless, efforts are being made physically, morally and financially towards overcoming these shortcomings with a view to making it more vibrant, more focused towards meeting up with its set target, and create a general awareness within the Muslim Ummah in Kubwa and environs. In line with this, 3 new members were added to the department to assist with its mandate. The department is charged with the following activities:
i. Oversee the maintenance and protection of the Eid Prayer grounds.
ii. Oversee the renovation/construction works of KMC projects.
iii. Oversee the repairs, upgrading, and security of the Muslim grave yard(s).
iv. Liase with other departments in matters of landed property belonging to the Ummah within Kubwa and environs.

1. Eid-prayer ground
The dilapidated fence of the Eid prayer ground located along the Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki Road, was pulled down and a new fence re-constructed to keep out the incessant menace of trespassers. This was as a result of a call to the Muslim Ummah, who responded positively. May Allah (SWA) reward those that contributed in various ways.
Furthermore, it is eminent that the ground has become small in accommodating the Muslim Ummah during the two annual festive periods. Hence, efforts are being made to secure a larger ground.

2. KMC Clinic/Maternity
Some theatre equipment was recently donated to the KMC. As a result of this, the management has embarked on the renovation of space for the theatre. The work is currently at an advanced stage.

3. Kubwa Cemetery
Maintenance has been regular at the Muslim cemetery located off Lagos Street in Phase-2 Site-1. Meanwhile, excavation work had commenced at the newly acquired Muslim Cemetery at the Kubwa Extension II Re-location site, off Arab Road, with an estimated area of about 3.34ha. Furthermore, efforts are underway to repair the fence wall of the Chikakore Muslim Cemetery, with a view to keeping off intruders and making it more effective.

4. KMC Landed Property
The issue involving any KMC landed property has been an uphill task, nevertheless, efforts are still been made towards regularizing papers for some plots allocate for religious (Muslim) function.
Finally, the Projects Department will Insha’ Allah continue to act and serve the Muslim Ummah through active dialogue with other KMC departments and the general Muslim Ummah. May Allah continue to support and guide us in the course of our individual quest to contribute to the growth of Islam.

Engr. Abdullahi Sulaiman Liman
Director (Projects)


We hope that this newsletter reawakens ALL management members as we struggle to gain reward from Allah (SWT) for what we execute for his pleasure and not for anyone else. We argue and debate between ourselves only to achieve this. I write to you for the same reason.
This is a report to the Ummah with regards to the trust they have reposed on us as the Management of the Kubwa Muslim Community for the past 6 years. It is not a campaign pamphlet. As such we hope constructive criticism, advise, and useful proposals will be the result from the rest of the Ummah to us. May Allah accept it from us all.
We pray to Allah (SWT) to bless this Ummah with peace, the clear understanding of his Deen as revealed to His Final Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Eid Mubarak.

Mohammed Mahmud
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KMC President

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Mohammed Mahmud

Author: Mohammed Mahmud

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Mohammed Mahmud is the President of the Kubwa Muslim Community. He is an IT consultant.
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