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KMC 1434 Newsletter

KMC 1434 Newsletter

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Posted in Administration on 22 October 2014.
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KMC President’s Report

The present KMC Management took over in September 2007, with the selection of the Chairman who took over from Alh Bala Mohammed who had relocated from Kubwa to his home state. A new structure was ratified through the KMC Strategic Plan of 2008.

This newsletter is designed to present KMC activities from February 2010 - which was the last time we held a comprehensive general presentation to the Ummah - to date, September 2013/Zul Qidah 1434AH. The presentation was made during the launch of OneUmmah & Waqaf Project at P.W. Jummu’ah Masjid.

It is my duty as the Chairman and President of the KMC to account for the actions of the KMC, both administratively and financially. I personally regret not being able to render such report on a more regular basis and pray to Allah (SWT) to forgive our mistakes. This newsletter is designed to redress this and assist the KMC inform the Ummah of what it has been up to, what are its challenges and the solutions it has designed to ameliorate the situation.

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